As one of 34 children I was raised in a fundamentalist polygamist family, I experienced and learned a lot of great things in my life but I also experienced my fair share of traumas. But those experiences were nothing compared to the moment I witnessed my two year old son loose his life on June 1st 2011. And as result of that traumatic experience my world, life and ultimately my heart had been torn into so many pieces I didn’t know if I would ever be able to feel and experience peace in my personal life again.


But I can honestly say that from the moment I experienced my first Katie Jo drum circle my life was forever changed!


Katie Jo creates one of the most loving and inviting spaces I have ever been in. She taught me about my own sacred drum beating within my chest, my heart! The first time I stood in the center of the drum circle I experienced the oneness and connection with others that Katie Jo creates through the union of her drums beating as one. I experienced warmth and peace beating from within my own heart, I felt the spirit of my deceased son close by and above all else I experienced healing within my own heart and a warming heartfelt welcome into the Katie Jo’s drum circle tribe from all the participants and as a result I have created friendships that will last my lifetime!


You truly are a drum circle Goddess Katie Jo! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


-Travis Jessop

Author, Speaker, Master builder of homes - rebuilder of lives

Testimonial time:


"I've been busy"        "It might go late"        "I'm tired after a long week"          "It's out of my comfort zone"


These are the excuses I, and possibly you, have made in the past for not attending one of Katie Jo's drum circles. For the first time ever on 4/19/2015 I got to be there on time and attend an entire drum circle ceremony. Last night as I sat back and observed Katie Jo speak from her heart along with the other facilitators I saw the same thing over and over again - Pure, authentic loving intention to heal and empower other people. I know because I walk this planet everyday looking for it but can only seem to find it waiting for me in rare places. If I don't see it there, I bring it there myself. But as a healer sometimes I get tired, I get lost and forget cause at the end of the day this spirit is still encased in this human body, at the end of the day I deserve healing too, I deserve a place to release, to recharge, to connect and power up so I can go back into the world reminded of why I'm here and what it is I'm supposed to do. So came to the drum circle and there is where I found it.


As I looked around in AWE, I saw pure love pulsating through the circle through the hands of the people. I saw the energy echo out into the neighborhood hood, the community and the world. The sky LITERALLY opened up above us piecing a hole in the clouds in a circle. Sacred geometry, eagles and recognizable hearts and figures formed in the clouds.


The crowd of people with intentions of connection, healing, self-discovery, empowerment, freedom, respect and honoring themselves and each other like humans were meant to.


That night was special. There will be more and those nights will be special, but not if I/You/We keep making excuses not to go. How many hours a week do you spend working and giving compared to the few hours you deserve to give to yourself? I invite you to give to yourself and come to Katie Jo's next circle and see what miracles happen for you.


From the heart, much love always.

Namaste - Master Zo Peacemaker

"Just want to let you know how much I love this drum! I am more connected to it than my staff. I am so honored to have it . Also, I have three children with disabilities. My son who has Down syndrome, autism and doesn't initiate much was so drawn to my drum. He walked over to it, took the stick out of my hand and started to drum. He was so happy. The tone and vibration of it was very soothing to him. I have a little girl with sensory processing issues and I am excited to introduce her to it. This drum has a purpose. It will serve many children in healing. I can't wait to learn all about drumming."


Namaste Dear Sister in Light.


We warily approached the gathering as the drums were being placed in the center of the room. I was astounded by the beautiful artwork that was gracing each and every drum. I was immediately drawn to one with a proud lion’s face, his abundant mane swirling about the surface of the drum. I was reminded of a story I tell called “Run Towards the Roar”, which speaks to facing your fears. Uh-huh.


As Katie Jo, the Drum Circle Goddess, explained why drum circles are so sacred, I was entranced. As the drums started beating, it seemed that my heart began to beat in time with each BAM of each drum stick, rising in crescendo until the abrupt stop that culminated in a surge of emotion.


When it was my turn, my heart started beating just with the anticipation. It’s difficult to explain in words the feelings that are magnified in a drum circle. It just feels like whatever emotion you are experiencing, whatever emotions are tied to the receiving and giving and about a thousand times more significant and more...FELT...in a drum circle.


Time stopped and yet raced and when the last gentle beat of the drum sounded above my head, I smiled and laughed and hugged everyone! Most of these beautiful people I had met within the previous 24 hours had given so selflessly to me, filling my very soul with love and support and healing. I felt radiant. I felt radiance from every cell of my body. It was like the light that I had been hiding was released and decided to pour forth!


I will never forget it. Running towards the roar indeed.



Heather Laughter